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Rosewood Theories

Sep 2 '13

Team Ali Theory Pt.1 Maya

I believe that Alison has a team of people helping her out while she’s in hiding and protecting her from Ezra/A-team. I think this team consists of people she didn’t openly associate with or seemed to hate back before her disappearance. These individuals are not aware that the others are on Ali’s side too. People I believe to be on team Ali:
Hanna, Maya, Jenna, Toby, and Noel.

Unless I missed something it was never said where maya lived before she moved to rosewood. She could have been from Cape May for all we know. Ali and Jenna before she was blind went to Cape May they could have met there and teamed up. Nate told Emily that Maya give jenna rides to school now Nate was obviously a lying psycho but why would he lie about that.The two of them are definitely working together.I believe Ali sent Maya to get close to the girls by seducing Emily. Maya started flirting with Emily almost immediately on meeting her. Now at this point in time people who emily had known for YEARS did not know she was gay but maya did instantly now it could have been maya’s gaydar going off but I believe maya knew because Alison told her about emily being in love with her. Also when she got back with Emily in season 2 maya said that she had been back in rosewood for awhile before contacting Emily. So that begs the question what was she doing for all that time? I think she was helping out Ali. Also in 3x07 one of the messages from Mona’s code game was MAYA KNEW. What did maya know? who A was? Who killed/ tried to kill Ali? preventing that information getting out was enough for someone to try to harm her. I do not believe that Nate killed Maya or that she is even really dead. Pam said they found a body that they THOUGHT was maya but it was never confirmed that it was in fact maya. I think the A-team caught on to her and maya decided to fake her death and go into hiding herself. The woman that Toby saw in the woods was Maya and he was knocked so that he would not see her and tell the liars and therefore the A-team too.

Jun 14 '13

Ezra/Alison Theory

I believe that Ezra met Alison when she was pretending to be Vivian Darkbloom and that they were friends or possibly lovers. We know that Alison has a thing for older men and Ezra obviously likes brunettes. So what if they met at Hollis and started a relationship. Then when Ali disappeared Vivian vanished from Ezra’s life leaving him heartbroken. A year later he meets aria and starts to move on, then Alison’s body is found and he sees her photo and recognizes her. He is approached by the A-team and told that they will help him avenge her death if he keeps tabs on Aria by dating her.

Jun 13 '13

Toby & the Jenna thing

we know that Jenna was blinded to some extent when Ali threw the bomb in the garage. So if toby was in there too then why wasn’t he blinded too or at least hurt. Which leads me to believe toby was never in there to begin with.

Jun 10 '13

Who’s in the trunk

All the clues given so far IMO point to it being Wilden in the trunk which seems way too easy for this show so most likely whoever or whatever is in the trunk it’s not Wilden .

Apr 12 '13

What if this all had before?

I was thinking about the board game/map thing that spencer used that apparently used by Mona before her. However E.Lamb said the game was fairly old meaning it’d had to be around a long time maybe as far back as when toby’s mom was in radley. What if toby’s mom was apart of a group girls like the liars and was being blackmailed by her very own A-team.

Feb 22 '13

Clue that toby was on the A-team in season 1


In episode 1x13 know your frenemies When toby returns to school and opens his locker there is a drawing on left wall of locker with an A on it

Feb 17 '13

Reblog if you can’t wait to watch Pretty Little Liars all over again once we learn the truth about EVERYTHING so you can catch all the clues you missed